Sunday, April 4, 2010

Life Drawing 2/5/10

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Les – Life Drawing 1/22/10

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My last assignment in my Hard Surface Modeling class was to illustrate “light.” My first idea (actually my second. the first one sucked) was to make a classic Tron suit. It occurred  to me that I didn’t have the time to model one, let alone make it into an illustration. Then while Googling “light” I came across some of those light drawing pictures you make with a flashlight and long exposure times. So as an experiment, I tried to combine the two aesthetics.

Old Italian Shoe

I had to model a shoe for my Hard Surface Modeling class. This is based on an old Italian shoe, I think from the 17th or 18th century.

Victorian Genetics Lab

This was my big project for my Hard Surface Modeling class. It is a Victorian era genetics lab. I was thinking of a cross between Dr Frankenstein's lab and steam-punk while trying to avoid the clich├ęs of either. aside from the large green tank, all of the objects are based on equipment available by the late 19th century.

100326lab01 100326lab02 100326lab03 100326lab04

Electric Flosser

My first assignment for Hard Surface Modeling was to model a small object that i have and could hold in my hand. I modeled this  WaterPik  Electric Flosser

Woodland Coffee Shop

This is my final for Image Manipulation & Compositing


The goblin in the foreground is 3D CG while the rest is image manipulation. Most of the photos were taken by me.

Nature v. Civilization

My 3rd Image Manipulation & Compositing project. We were supposed to contrast nature with something like destruction or civilization or something. Some sort of juxtaposition involving nature.


Textured Portrait

This is the second assignment for Image Manipulation and Compositing. The objective was to seamlessly apply peeling paint and some other texture to a portrait.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

On the Team

This is my submission for the March ‘10 11 Second Club

Intro to Stop Motion Animation

All of my work for Intro to Stop Mo class

Winter ‘10